Just Like Riding A Bike…

3 Sep

So I had a date, first in a long time, there was food & a movie. Conversation & snuggling. Plenty of kissing… But mostly talking and getting to know each other.

Now I’m realistic, I can be a little intense, passionate, or maybe a little needy. I’m not sure the ratio of the three but I’m sure they are all there.

I wasn’t expecting this to be much than that a first date. I had expectations of a second. Which very could be… Okay, I’m reading into it way too much.

I expect communication, right, if you like someone why not text or call or E-mail or Facebook… YIKES!!! I sound very close to being a psycho stalker… Where is that restraining order???

I guess where I’m going with this is that it felt nice. The closeness, the attention, in both directions. The looks and touches and most important the more intimate moments… The kiss.

I hadn’t kissed someone in awhile and it felt nice. Comfortable, familiar, warm, passionate. I didn’t know after my last break-up if I could or wanted to kiss someone again. I did!

I didn’t know if I could kiss someone with that intensity again. Would feel as if it were okay and not like I was cheating on my Ex. But I finally outgrew that feeling.

Just like riding a bike… Jump on and pedal!!!


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