Take A Chance…

31 Aug

When I was younger, much younger, young enough to believe in castles in the sky and a prince that arrives in a white horse. In magical mirrors and fairy god mothers, I fell in love.

The first time I actually, truly, really fell in love was with my first love, his name, doesn’t matter. But when we kissed it was in a bar just as the DJ turned on the disco ball.

There were lights shinning all around and the music started. I believed, truly believed that this was a sign that God had chosen my life partner. My prince had arrived.

Four years later that relationship fell apart and it was over. The clock struck midnight and I was running for the door. It seemed the disco ball had lost all the mirrors, it was just a ball hanging from the celling.

For many years I tortured anyone who tried to get that close to me. As soon as they showed some sort of weakness I attacked. They weren’t going to hurt me before I could do it, I had no proof but I knew they would!!!

I’m not sure how many relationships I went through, they were disposable and just as easy as I would jump I jumped out. No looking back, no remorse… Hurt them and hurt them good!!!

I’m not there today, I want to take a chance again. I want the disco ball and the music in the background. I’ve learned my lesson though. I’m not wearing glass slippers, more like hiking boots… Durable.

I’m gonna take another chance!


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