Ate, Prayed, Loved…

18 Aug

So I got to go to the movies today and watched, you guessed it, “Eat Pray Love”. The tale of a woman caught in a relationship that is not fulfilling with a man that doesn’t know his way through life.

She decides to venture overseas and find herself. Through the help of good food in Italy, prayer in India, and love in Bali she realizes that it has to start with self-love… And 20 pounds extra.

This is something that I have stated several times to friends, no I didn’t record it or have proof, but I said it. It has to start with me, for me, by me.

If I don’t like myself why should anyone else? If I can’t stand to be alone how dare I ask anyone else to spend time with me? More important if I can’t love myself… You get the point… Right?

So for those of us that can’t spend the money to go on a year journey around the world, here is what I did. A big bowl of pasta with some tomato sauce. This will make you so full that you will take a nap and get to spend some time with yourself.

Pray everyday, not just in the morning but whenever you feel the need. But not just for you pass it around. Everyone needs a little help in the prayer department, God’s lines don’t get blocked.

Love… Now that’s the hard one, start with ‘I love you’ to the man in the mirror (me channeling Michael Jackson). Take yourself out on a date, and if you’re lucky you can feel yourself-up at the end of the night, my favorite part!!!

When you start producing all this positive energy you will attract positive people and then, I almost guarantee it, you will start to be happy… Hey, it worked for me and now for Julia Roberts.


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