Invest In People…

17 Aug

I have invested in Pre-Paid Legal, it’s made me some money. Invested in acting classes, it’s gotten me some work. Invested in clothes for work, it made look professional and got me more work.

Now I’m investing in my friends. Yeah, I was nice to my friends before. Well, kinda… When I was using & drinking it was a different kind of investment. I wanted to make sure I got invited to parties.

Then I came into Recovery and didn’t have nasty thought to share, I was that poor. I started working more and made enough to carry me, almost. Then made a little more, enough for a burger out.

Yeah, there was a time when In-N-Out Burgers once a month was a treat. I would cut it in half and make two meals out of it.

I’m not talking about financial investment in people, not like a pimp or slavery. Spiritual investment, the pay-it-forward kind. Someone did for me when they could, now I do for you cause I can.

Try it… It makes a meal so much more special and the laughs last longer. The return on that are great memories. If you need a broker let me know.


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