Friday Night Lights… Out!

19 Jun

So when I was drinking Friday nights signaled the start of the weekend and a chance to get crazy. Now I have to be honest for me everyday was a party day. I worked in a restaurant and worked weekends so I made my Tuesday my Friday. Which made pretty much the whole week a weekend… Following?

It would start with a couple of drinks at home. Usually some kinda liquor. I had tequila or whiskey. Wild Turkey was my drink & 7… Wow, 3 of those and I felt free, more like 3 shots of whiskey with the shot of 7… There was no stopping me then.

Then it was off to the bar. I had my favorite bartenders, you know the ones that served the strongest drinks. The ones you could buy a shot and they would hook you up for the rest of the night. Mine was Danny at JR’s Bar & Grill in Houston, Texas.

Danny was a good friend/bartender, I had been going to him for years. He saw me through several relationships; One night, one week, one month. All soul mates and all got approval from Danny. He also saw me make a fool of myself and show up really high.

But despite everything he never kicked me out and always told me everything I did the next day. He would hold my credit card when I left it behind. Even remembered names of the guys I kissed for the night and forgot about the next day.


Needles to say I was a bar fly and the life of the party. But now 3 years later I’m home on a Friday night making dinner and writing on my blog, which no one has read. I think… Why is it that I find it so hard to go and have a great time sober?

Like Superman and Kriptonite, I stay away from bars. Which keeps me away from meeting people. Which keeps me away from Gay people. Which keeps me away from meeting a guy to go out with. Which  brings me back to sitting home on a Friday night writing.

Doesn’t take a scientist to figure out where this tragic story is going. Maybe I’ll be single for a long time or maybe I’ll meet someone at work. Or maybe… And work with me here… Maybe he’ll come knocking at my door after reading my blog and seeing how lonely I am… Maybe.

For now know that there are some downfalls to being Sober. Loneliness is a side effect and you should be ready for it. Like I forgot how to have fun without drinking. I threw it away with the empty bottle of tequila. Or like Thanksgiving, when I finished the Turkey I fell asleep… Or at least the fun did!


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